Friday, August 6, 2010

Design A Room, some great resources for decorating

I'm sure there are plenty of you that have grand ideas of home remodeling and decorating but it's often hard to picture the outcome. Well there are a lot of great things on the interwebs that can help you! Better Homes and Gardens has a great program called Arrange A Room where you can adjust every aspect of the room including furniture and even house plants to give you some help with your decorating ideas.

You pick the shape of your room, which you can adjust, and then start adding in the furniture. You can even change the colors! All you need is your email address and then you can get started.

Now if you're like me and have a heck of a time picking out the perfect paint colors there is also a wonderful program you can use through Sherwin Williams that will show you the paint choices on real walls in real rooms. You can adjust from there and change trim colors, ceiling colors, etc. It's called the Color Visualizer and I highly recommend it the next time you're looking to redecorate a room!

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