Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Money Saver: Xeriscaping the alternative landscape

Another money saving idea for you, Xeriscaping. Heard of it? Basically it's landscaping that is specifically designed to save water aka save money. But the other huge benefit is that it typically requires far less maintenance. It's very common here in the Denver area, we apparently coined the term back in 1978.

So what is it and what does it look like? Well it can be a complex process if you take it to the extreme. There's the plan and design that takes into account things like curb appeal, sun direction, etc. Then you've got different soils to choose from, compost being the best. Then we look at the irrigation system, regular sprinkler heads vs drip lines all tailored to the specific plants and evaporation. Now for the important part, the plants, turf, and mulch all of which have various options suited for optimal efficiency.

My thought of Xeriscaping was always a barren looking brown and dry yard. I figured you plant a bunch of cactus and cover everything in rock...not exactly my idea of a nice looking yard. I was completely surprised at the variety of plant and design options available that actually look good! So if your yard is needing an overhaul why not go with something that will save you money and time.

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