Saturday, June 23, 2012

Room Envy: Outdoor Pergola

Double Function- deck on top
This one comes from the folks at A gorgeous display of 16 "not your average pergola" patio cover ideas. Think outside the box when it comes to designing your own outdoor retreat, there are a million different options even with something as basic as a pergola patio cover. Check out these for inspiration... some of our favorites, head over the the DIY Network to see more. And if you're feeling extra handy, here's a great basic intro to building a simple wood pergola.

Angled- Japanese style
Urban- incorporating the walls
Arched top outdoor room


  1. Who wouldn’t want to have such a wonderful setting outside the house? Of course, a lot of people are dreaming to have an outdoor pergola. And I’m one of those people! :D Well, my wife and I are currently working on the pergola design that we want to build in our yard. Photos above are wonderful ideas. Actually, I love the Angle-Japanese style. I think I’m going to include that in our options. It looks great.

    Christian Renwick

  2. Those were lovely designs for an outdoor room! I just hope that I have enough space to make an outdoor room like that. Haha! I just need to find a house with a bigger outdoor space so that I can pursue my desire of having any of the rooms in your photos. :)

    + Angelina Garcia +

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