Thursday, August 9, 2012

Handy Project Gadgets & Apps

We're all for taking advantage of the latest gadgets and phone apps when it comes to simplifying anything from dinner recipes to space planning. Here's a list of some great phone gadgets and apps that will undoubtedly come in handy with your home projects.

 iHandy Level
An app with a built in level for all of your precise picture hanging needs. Works vertically, horizontally, and even face down. Oh and it's a FREE app!

Handy Man DIY
No need to spend hours calculating for your projects. Just input room measurements and this will tell you exactly how much paint you'll need, how much flooring or trim to buy, etc. It will even incorporate a shopping list for you with cost estimates. And it'll save the info for future reference.

Task This
The ultimate to-do list and project managing app. Keep on track of your projects with calendars, shopping lists, deadlines, due date reminders, etc. Sync it to the online platform for even more task related planning.

 Design Space Planning
This app is for the design lovers. It has practical applications, as in making sure a sofa will fit through the door opening before buying it, with the space planning features. But that is just the start, this app allows you to design entire room concepts, has built in color palettes, and allows for real life incorporation. Take a photo of a wall paper you find in an antique store and apply it instantly to your room design to see if it is a fit. A great resource brought to you by an interior designer.

Gardening Toolkit
For the greenthumbs out there. This awesome app is all you  need to successfully plant and care for your own garden. It is location specific and offers tons of info on vegetables, herbs, and flowers. You can plan a variety of gardens, get advice on when and what to plant, general care tips, harvest tracking, etc.

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