Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Be a part of the club! The Home Depot: Home Improver Club

The Home Depot is a great resource for all things home improvement... if that wasn't clear already! But did you know they have a club you can join, free of course... to get your DIY and home improvement fix? Let me introduce you to the Home Improvers Club! You can finally let go of those memories of being the last person chosen in gym class and be one of the cool kids.

Here's some of the perks, home maintenance and upkeep email alerts, how-to video tutorials, projects based on your local weekend weather report, just to name a few! You also get the benefit of all of their workshops that can teach you everything under the sun like how to install laminate flooring or first aid for your lawn techniques. They even have an entire series of workshops for women and they have workshops for kids, a great way to get them involved in home ownership pride at an early age.

They have a wealth of information available. Check out their projects like "removing rusty toilet bolts," "installing liners and gutter maintenance," "planting bulbs for spring," and even projects like "mortising a door latch," and "installing a wall switch for a ceiling fan". The ideas could keep you busy year round (sorry husbands with your already overflowing 'honey-do' lists)

~5280 Lady


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