Saturday, July 17, 2010

Product Watch: Bacteria used for making Eco Bricks??

You wouldn't think that the terms "eco" and "bacteria" would go sononomously but according to the latest product catching press in the United Arab Emirates the tides may be about to change. The latest in eco building products are bricks made from bacteria and sand! The specifics are obviously a bit more complicated but essentially the bacteria binds with specific solutions and the sand. When placed in a form the end result is an eco friendly brick ready to compose the walls of the next skyscraper. These new bricks require no baking in a kiln and therefore eliminate the need to burn coal for fuel. The creator estimates that this will reduce the amount of carbon emissions by 800 million tons annually!

This new discovery is still under testing with environmental engineers but the predicted future is a positive one. Ginger Kreig Dosier, an American architecture professor, is responsible for the find and she hopes to mass produce the bio-bricks for under developed countries and ultimately the US for the same cost as standard clay bricks. Construction of the future should prove interesting if discoveries like this persist!

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